Sklills range

  • We have experience in specialists and managers recruitment for building ships, yachts and motor boats, from the tiniest ones to huge vessels.
  • We search for engineers and specialists who would have knowledge of laminates / composites, steel and aluminium technologies.
  • Jobs in shipyard facilities are connected with construction and production, but also sale, purchases, export, accounting and human resources, as well as knowledge of suppliers connected with the industry and boats distributors / dealers from all over the world.
  • Some of the jobs require competences in the scope of raw materials ( laminates or composites) and interior elements ( wood, steel, plastic injection, upholstery), engine room equipment ( pumps, piping) and that ot the deck.
  • Competences usually comprise technical studies diploma in mechanics, shipping, electrical engineering, hydraulics, ocean technology, and science of materials.  The knowledge of the English language and of specialized 2D and 3D software for hull construction and equipment simulation and test, is a significant asset.


Recruitment projects

  • Laminates constructor
  • Laminates technologist
  • Service engineer
  • Production director
  • Electrical design engineer
  • Piping designer
  • Project Manager
  • Commissioning engineer
  • Hull designer