Skills range

  • E-commerce is one of the fastest-growing industries. There is more and more that we buy online: clothes, drugs, electronics, home appliances, books, interior decoration, air tickets, sports equipment, electric tools, and event holidays.
  • The market needs people specializing in new technologies, including omnichannel and digital specialists, whose comptetencies include modern marketing tools, campaigns and social media.
  • No doubt, market segment and industries differ from one another. Consumer needs and carts differ beetween industries, wheather it is apparel, finances, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or aviation. Building trust is essential in campaigns, as many segments attract returning customers. Therefore the quality of service, guarantee and claims processing are essential.
  • Candidates competences include broad knowledge of marketing, tools, social media, KPI analysis and measurement, as well as command of English.


Recruitment projects

  • E-commerce Director
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Digital Manager
  • SEO Specialist
  • Graphik
  • UX Designer
  • Pricing modelling expert
  • Content expert
  • Product owner
  • ATL & BTL campaign expert
  • Media analyst
  • Business & KPI analyst
  • Social media analyst
  • Omnichannel Director
  • Traffic specialist