Skills range

  • The field of mechanical  engineering plays a part in many business sectors including  the automotive industry, machining, steel construction, electronics, lighting, casting, chemistry processing etc.
  • The above businesses require subcontracting services such as steel processing on CNC machines, packaging and others.
  • There are post available for engineers who are experienced in production processes, maintenance,  CNC machinery, quality control, construction design, new launches, and different technologies.  Companies also seek to  fill managerial vacancies in all these fields.
  • Qualifications needed are related to high technical skills, knowledge of machinery operation for CNC machines, PLC drivers, DCS, HMI, ERP systems and others. Advanced English skills are essential.


Recruitment projects

  • Mechanical design engineer
  • CNC operator
  • Constructor
  • Supply chain
  • Maintenance supervisor
  • Quality assurance
  • Supplier development engineer
  • Technologist
  • Production Manager
  • Operational / strategic buyer
  • New product introduction engineer