assessment center


Assessment Center is a multidimensional competency assessment method in which participants are monitored and assessed by a team of objective, trained assessors.

The assessment center is a process that allows you to collect information about the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of its participants in standardized conditions. Its objectivity is influenced by the following factors: a variety of criteria (the entire set of competencies is assessed using specific behaviors), a variety of tools (during AC sessions, participants take part in many tasks, exercises, and simulations), a multitude of assessments (each competence is observed and assessed). in several different tasks) and a multitude of observers (each participant is simultaneously observed by several experienced and properly trained assessors). It is the most effective method of accurately predicting a person’s suitability for a future job.

KDR consultants have both the qualifications and experience in running assessment centers. We advise using this method as the last stage of recruitment, especially for managerial positions.